Every Town in Tassie

A photographic journey looking for every town in Tasmania
Written, produced and photographed by Lis Brown

Every Town in Tassie

My tour [roads in black], resulting in this book, covered 12,052 kilometres and took 334 days.
At a daily average of just 36k per day it was a wonderfully relaxed adventure.

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$45 each plus $13 postage
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Can be collected at Shepparton [Vic] and Ulverstone & Launceston [Tas]
104 pages in total. 250mm x 250mm.
Hard cover. 90% photographic.
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or by phone on 0428 824 152
Now proudly stocked and sold at Pretrarch’s Book Shop,
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Lis Brown


I live on the road. Could I visit every town in Tasmania?
It seemed like a fun way of spending a year in our most southern state.
I was right.
This book does not showcase the reasons for coming to Tasmania.
It shows you why people keep coming back.